Vimax Volume

There are a lot of supplements out there that promise a large penis. There are also other companies that offer vacuum equipment or exercises that do the same thing. In the end, is that what you really want? A tug boat is strong but will never cross the ocean. Your partner deserves better than an artificially inflated penis. She wants strong, intense orgasms. Sometime, she might even want that to culminate in a baby. That is why Vimax stands (so to speak) alone.

Why should you use Vimax?

Vitamax offers you a different type of sexual solution. It takes you back to the days of forceful ejaculation that your partner could feel down to her ankles. How embarrassing is it to cum and her not even feel the tiny load you left. Those days can come to an end with an all natural supplement that dates back thousands of yeas. There is no reason to think those loads you used to have are gone for good. Let Vimax help you recapture that. You partner will be very glad you did!

Too many people have an erroneous view of virility. They think it is all about a rock-hard erections and the penile size of a small donkey. You need more than that to please. The truth is that it is not. Your organism is directly linked to her’s so you want yours to be the best it can be. All of this can be found using the natural ingredients of Vimax.

What is in Vimax?

Vimax is made of natural ingredients like lingzhi, fucus vesiculosus, 4,5,7-trihydroxyflavone, and sa guo mu. Now, all this might sound like some thing you might find in won ton soup but in fact they are powerful medicinal herbs that have been used in Chinese medicine for over 4,000 year to increase male virility. Lingzhi, scientificly known as Ganoderma lucidum, is a type of mushroom that has a long history in Chinese medicine. Even the name means “herb of spiritual potency”.

Fusuc vesiculosus functions as a thyriod stimulant but also has other benefits. It adds iodine to the diet and helps control cholesterol. 4,5,7,- trihydoxyflavone also helps the thyroid and has anti-cancer properties. In general, it keeps your penis healthy. Sa guo mu helps regulate blood pressure and in the penis increase flow during more sensitive moment. There are also another number of herbal ingredients including embelica officinalis (an extract), hong hua fen,xi lan rou gui, tian men dong (an extract), xian mao, dong chong xia cao (an extract), ku gua, maltodextrin. That is a powerful mix added for maximum potency.

This drug, because it is all natural, is not just about the increased orgasms. For couples that are trying to get pregnant it can be a great help. It is time to throw away the little blue pills and the vacuum pump. If you are truly looking to increase the sexual satisfaction of you and you partner you need to try Vimax. Both you and your partner will be glad you did.

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